(„imsinne“ = „in the purpose of“)

We are focused on developing, producing and selling human-centred products that support communication and mobility in active learning/working environments.

We offer our own products (ideenbrett) and design consulting. (product design)

Through the use of design thinking together with you we will create solutions that exceed yours and your customers needs.

50+ years of professional experience has given us insight, and an understanding of the environment and people we work with and for.

We are working towards a sustainable future with our own new products.

Jonathan Pidwell und Tobias Greissing


two designers with more than 50 years of experience
design is what we love
move your ideas outside … your box or leave the building. Ideenbrett is made for that!
we want to make you talk. Use visual thinking!
we have own productshttp://www.ideenbrett.de and we do innovation for You!