I am a Kiwi living in Germany with over 20 years experience in the design industry.

Having had the pleasure working with and for some of the leading design and manufacturing companies in Australasia, North America and Europe, I have developing a deep empathy for how humans interact with products and effect products have on them.

The variety of my projects speaks both for my curiosity but also my flexibility.


I am a German Industrial Designer, 

Design Thinking Expert and Visual Thinking enthusiast with 26 years experience. Curiosity and working with heterogen teams is one of my favorite understanding of Design.

With the sense of innovation I bring people to work together on sustainable products. Many products of mine are already established on the market. 

I like looking into future and working with. My vision: Let´s draw together and develop new ideas.


being part of the team I support the whole process and will be developing the business.

My vision is to bring the craftman ship to innovation.